W h a t W e D o

Eastern culture and shapes running through vains
Nordic minimalism and function is a norm
Italian craftmanship and details became a choise
Effortlessness and easy cool the perfect image
All together working on the contrast evolution between
him and her

#s e s s i o n

M E M O R - I SPosted by 150 Yards Ahead 30 May, 2016 12:31:11
Some things get lost in the process....
This small foto session was one of them...but def worth keeping...
(Sorry for bad resolution, it was only ment to be a guideline for the rest of the shoot, so done quick and unattented to quality)...Still think it´s great!!

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#o n c e i n a w h i l e

M E M O R - I SPosted by 150 Yards Ahead 24 May, 2016 01:29:24
As mentioned before.... I am bad at socializing and posting online.... But #oneceinawhile I manage to put together something....
At the moment I have been working on the paper issue of the
lookbook M E M O R - I S.... Being critizised for my monocrome choise of black and white photos, I had to rethink how to do the final layout....( I did like the black and white, but I also do know which color each piece have)
That said... I came out with a mix which should be just enough to understand the colour range and mixes....As for the eye who see, it can see whatevere it want, but this is it....and I think it looks great!

"The paper issue" will replace the lookbook on our website one of these days....

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M E M O R - I SPosted by 150 Yards Ahead 24 Apr, 2016 19:28:57

The time has come to go public.
M E M O R - I S will take Y O U on a visual journey through our collection.
Will be published on our website before midnight.


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#m o d e l/l o v e/b a c k s t a g e

M E M O R - I SPosted by 150 Yards Ahead 21 Apr, 2016 14:45:35

W E D I D I T!
Again thank´s to our fantastic models, our T O P photographer ,and the time and energy you all dedicated to make this work.... Couldn´t done it without

Lookbook for M E M O R-I S 2016 is done!

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l o o k b o o k (different angles)

M E M O R - I SPosted by 150 Yards Ahead 29 Mar, 2016 18:33:32

First post is dedicated to a preview, different angle, of the tryout photo session
we had for the M E M O R-I S lookbook.

A special thank´s to the people involved...

Photographer: Per Finne
Hair and Makeup: Britt Synnøve Flatlandsmo
Model: Vegard M. Roti

Amazing work!

......Vegard we are proud to be a part of your model debut, could not be better!
Per for outstanding photos, easy collaboration and a perfect understanding of our visual needs!
Britt Synnøve for being sportive and not appear only behind, but also in front of camera.
Best Hair and makeup stylist in Voss!

F O L L O W U S:
Instagram: 150YA
Facebook: 150yardsahead

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