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For a couple of months we have been exhibiting some of our clothes in a local window in the city center of Voss. It has been fantastic, and we thank O.L.TVILDE with all of our heart for this possibility. Networking, feedback and exhibiton, all values of local love.

April 2018

#G r ü n d e rS M A L L T A L K S

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Blog imagePhoto by: Kristin Lemme

So, 2018 came pretty fast... but not to fast to hang in there....
January disappeard, February What... and then Lovley March!

January: CIFF Copenhagen, loads of work, lot´s of fun!
February: Still, What.....?
March: We won a entrepreneur schoularship from a great Norwegian bank called Sparebanken Vest.
This means that we will keep on running into the future with even stronger motivation and dedication then before.

Keep following, we have a lot of exciting thing´s coming up!

L O O K B O O KE C O - N O L O G I E S

Posted by 150 Yards Ahead 24 Jan, 2018 23:02:24

We just photographed our latest collection.
It took place in a great space T V I L D E G A R D, downtown Voss!

To make this happen we got supported by locals who easily gave us a hand without hesitating, so our biggest thank´s to:

-Dyrdal Sko AS (them shoes)
-Fjong (Those stockings)
-Tvildegard (Space)
-Per Finne (Photo)
-Birk Helland (Model)
-Mom (Everything else)

We had a great time shooting, and we did it in no time!
One of our favorite parts with this job. When it all comes together!

P R E V I E W #lookbook shoot January 2018

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We have been low for a wild, but not frozen.
The fun part is usually when things falls to place.
Christmas 2017 is around the corner, meaning we have been doing this for a couple of years now, soon to be.

With this we decided to launch a local event "LOKALT" in our own home town.
Most for fun, but also for future possibilites to run.

An amazing team of people all came together to make this possible.
Our own In-House model with friend, a sister and her friends, what more can we ask for?

Long live the Christmas spirit.... I guess we are here to stay.

Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year!

150 YA

#I n B E T W E E N...D I A L O G U E

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We guess there will be a time when you look back and you think....Why? W H Y... didn´t or why did we???

N O W is the time to change that..

All In, The only way!!!!
Go for it, just go for it.....

Back-Ahead-and back again....

#I t ´s B e e N a W I L DD I A L O G U E

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As mentioned before...... #NoDeadlines #No Delays

We are stil running!!
2017/18 is going to be an exciting Year!
Keep following us and wait for I T, cause it´s coming for Y O U soon.......

Good Things Take T I M E

People from yesterday and people of tomorrow, come with as W E grow!!!!

#A m b i t i o n & #S o l i d a r i t yD I A L O G U E

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150 Yards Ahead AS

(A M B I T I O N & S O L I D A R I T Y)


#P e r s o n a l i t y M a t t e r sD I A L O G U E

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Stripped down to a black and white photo, no makeup, no lights, no stress....
This is how we like to work.... or in this case... Would not even call it work.
Many thank´s to this guy for bringing our vision to life.

This post is a tribute to the people behind!

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Model: Vegard M.Roti
Picture: I.B