W h a t W e D o

Eastern culture and shapes running through vains
Nordic minimalism and function is a norm
Italian craftmanship and details became a choise
Effortlessness and easy cool the perfect image
All together working on the contrast evolution between
him and her

"W O U L D Y O U M I N D"

D I A L O G U EPosted by 150 Yards Ahead 10 Jan, 2017 09:18:23

PURE LONDON 12th-14th of Feb

Up for a #Challenge? Pass by our stand J62, strike a pose and be in #inittowinit
Y O U can be the lucky winner of the B O W - I shirt from our collection M E M O R - I S
Winner will be announced on our Instagram: 150YA

Remember to #


Looking forward to see you there!

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#T i m e T o S h a r e

D I A L O G U EPosted by 150 Yards Ahead 29 Dec, 2016 12:39:40

If in London at the time, come see us. Our stand is J62
We are looking forward to be a part of this and would like to say thank´s to Pure London for embracing us as a new coming brand.

We would also give our biggest thank´s to DOGA/UD for supporting us with finacial cred for participation.

Give them a visit here: http://doga.no/

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#N e v e r T o o M u c h

D I A L O G U EPosted by 150 Yards Ahead 13 Dec, 2016 10:54:58

Well..... We are getting closer to the end of 2016...
Many thing´s been done and many still to be done.
2017 is an excitig year, and we have a busy agenda to offer you who follow us on our way.

We will be attending Pure London in February 12th-14th feel free to come find us at Stand J62
There might be an exciting additional event also in February, but will come back to this in the beginning of 2017....

I became WE, which is one of the best news ending the 2016 chapter.
Promise you a proper presentation soon.

Thank´s for checking in at times, we appreciate it!!!

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#L a y L o w

D I A L O G U EPosted by 150 Yards Ahead 18 Oct, 2016 12:59:26

Lay low before L O N D O N...... will come back to this soon.....

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#G A M E-O N

D I A L O G U EPosted by 150 Yards Ahead 10 Aug, 2016 12:28:49

First day at CIFF....
10th-12th of August
If you are here, stop by....
Stand B4-020 Urban section

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#B 4-0 2 0

D I A L O G U EPosted by 150 Yards Ahead 13 Jun, 2016 08:52:27

We are going to CPH in August.
You are welcome to visit our stand in the CIFF Urban section, stand B4-020

Hope to see you there!

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#s e s s i o n

M E M O R - I SPosted by 150 Yards Ahead 30 May, 2016 12:31:11
Some things get lost in the process....
This small foto session was one of them...but def worth keeping...
(Sorry for bad resolution, it was only ment to be a guideline for the rest of the shoot, so done quick and unattented to quality)...Still think it´s great!!

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#s t u d i o

D I A L O G U EPosted by 150 Yards Ahead 25 May, 2016 20:28:29
I guess from today we can call our working space/office a Nice little showroom/studio...
Located in the woods....5 min from the city centre of Voss... I would def call it the woods....

Welcome to:

Kulturverkstaden Magasinet
Magasinvegen 14/16
5700 Voss

You will find us, left door, top floor.....

#W E L C O M E

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